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If you need crime and suicide scene and deceased cleanup, you have come to the right place. We are Boston Crime Scene Cleanup and we specialize in cleaning and sanitizing residential and commercial properties after a crime, injury or death. We are a locally owned and operated biohazard remediation company that you can call on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to quickly come in and clean up the scene after an accident, unattended death, crime scene, or suicide. To move on from trauma and tragedy, it's essential to get rid of reminders of the painful incident that took place at your residence or business. When you call us in, we can quickly do just that and help the healing to begin.

Cleaning specialists and equipment

Properly cleaning the scene where a crime or trauma took place and ended in serious injury or death, or an unattended death occurred, requires specially trained staff and specialized equipment. Our work meets and exceeds stringent local and federal standards for crime, trauma and unattended death scene cleanup. We employ the most effective cleaning methods and technology and our mobile cleaning team is equipped with hazmat suits and respirators to protect themselves in accordance to OSHA regulations and industrial grade cleaning equipment and supplies to thoroughly clean and disinfect the scene where the injury or death took place.


Our injury, trauma, and death scene cleaning technicians complete an intensive, comprehensive training program that not only teaches them advanced cleaning techniques, they also learn how to prevent hazards to public health. They are taught our proven cleaning system through classwork, observation, as well as on the job training. Plus, our cleaning technicians constantly have their skills monitored, tested and upgraded. Our focus is on ensuring the area where the injury or death took place meets all regulations for cleanliness and public safety.


Whether the trauma or death scene is located on a residential or commercial property, our team of technicians will not only clean the scene, but restore it as well. Thoroughly cleaning the property where trauma or death took place is the first step. We work with the property owners to restore the area to the way it looks before the unfortunate event took place. When we are done, it will be near impossible to tell something messy, disruptive or deadly had taken place. We restore the area to exactly the way it looked before the incident occurred. If you want crime and suicide scene cleaning and restoration done right, give us a call right away. We answer our phones 24/7.

An unattended death cleaning is much more than just removal of a body. Unattended death cleaning companies like Boston Crime Scene Cleanup also expertise in homicide scene cleanup, murder scene cleanups, suicide scene cleanups, crime scene cleanups, blood scene cleanups, staph infections, Meth lab remediation, biohazard, and MRSA infection cleanups. These experiences give the crime scene cleaners the right perspective on how to approach every job.

First, they must contact the homicide detectives to ascertain the time frame in which the deceased has been there. By confirming the period, the crime scene cleanup company can assess the probabilities that the decomposed tissue, blood, organic material and odor could have seeped into a location's walls, flooring, grout, subfloors, upholstery, and cement. The longer the time, the more difficult the odor remediation.